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We love DIY! For our workshop series on learning to tattoo, we created a brand extension that shares this special experience in digital and analog form.

How can we make an analog experience digitally accessible?

We have developed a website that makes it possible for visitors to digitally tattoo a body permanently and in real time. Thus, collectively designed work is created bit by bit. Of course, as in real life, you can't erase anything - so, in addition to the seriousness of a tattoo, we try to convey the casual approach with a wink.

Different print objects expand the project depending on the application: The stickers in plaster form are used everywhere, the A3 magazine with photos from past workshops and removable pig skin poster we use internally, the small version with instructions, tips and hints is part of the Hand Poke Tattoo Kit, with the help of which you can tattoo yourself safely at home.

Click here to visit the one-of-a-kind website! (Tattooing only working on desktop)

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