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How do we address a target group without aggressively promoting it to the outside world?

With Ankern founder Kathleen Hermsdörfer, we developed personas, values and corporate goals in a branding workshop. One thing was clear from the beginning: The target group is the male Generation Y, who longs for security and yet does not commit themselves. Ankern would like to help these men to propose to their sweethearts.

Since Studio Toto lives far away from gender ideologies and sexism, the project was a tightrope act between the cheap and masculine idea of “Do you have balls?” and the urgent desire to address all genders and sexualities specifically and without exception.

The solution can be found in the language: We almost completely avoided mentioning gender-oriented speeches, but also double mentions or emotionally cold neutralizations. The logo addition "Ja, Mann!" implies the male target group, but means above all the euphoric confirmation to a proposal "Ja". This direct, challenging ambiguity can also be found in the campaign title "Trau dich!" (which means "Trust yourself!" or "Get married!" because the verb "trauen" in german both means to marry and to trust).

The already strong wording receives even more attention through a very sensual, high-quality imagery combined with friendly, warm colors and design elements that create depth. The dark coloring has a magical effect – just like a secretly planned marriage proposal should be.

Resolve, marriage and sensuality visualized result in the memorable logo. The overall look is dark and mysterious. The highlight color, reminiscent of a skin color due to the contrast, radiates optimism and warmth.


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