Branding and design agency

A wedding doesn't necessarily need a logo, but how nice is it when the couple's initials make up the "and" sign? Since everything revolves around uniting, the products had to be designed in two languages so that the Portuguese and German guests understood everything equally: the information cards were in both languages in the invitation, the poster explained the word "yes" to the Portuguese, and the menu cards became menu cards laid out on the tables depending on the mother tongue.

An idea against disposable cards: The invitations should last longer than until the wedding. For this we have thought of a folding poster that, when unfolded, combines the statement "Yes" with the names of the couple (Jan & Patrícia). The insert cards with the most important information could be taken to the venue, sunny Lisbon, without the poster.

Since the bride and groom work in the brewing industry, everyone got their own beer with a fish scale pattern for the two newly minted fischer (eng.: fischerman) as a guest gift.


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